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Estate Planning Documents and a Personal Representative

An estate lawyer is highly trained in matters pertaining to planning for the future, dealing with estates, and making sure that you are able to take care of your family after you pass on. They are also experts in trusts, wills, and probate law. Your estate plan will be handled by an estate lawyer from start to finish. While an estate lawyer will only make recommendations, it is important that you have one in place for all of your legal needs. This way there will be no confusion or delay in getting what is owed to you and your family.

When you get married, it is common to create a trust, which can then be used to hold assets as part of your estate plan. Once you complete the marriage ceremony and you are now legally divorced, you must liquidate any joint property that you each own. This includes real estate, cars, boats, planes, homes, and the like. You will then create another trust, using the proceeds from the sale of the properties to pay off any outstanding debts and ensure that your family gets the proper estate planning.

If you die without having a will in place then your family will have to plan on their own. Even if you do have a will it might not cover all of their needs. An estate lawyer can help with drafting a properly structured will. Your will can state how the property you leave your family will be distributed. It can also state how your assets will be transferred during your lifetime and beyond.

Many people are unaware that they can utilize an estate planning lawyer once they are dead. An attorney can advise you on the correct steps to take once you pass on. For instance, if you have a will it could be used to create a power of attorney, or a will and trust. In these cases the will would be interpreted by the estate law attorney and your wishes would be followed. The same goes for other assets that you have including retirement plans and other investments.

Your elder law attorney can help you create a power of attorney and will, as well as creating Medicare and Medicaid planning. This can be extremely important in the event that you become disabled or pass away due to an illness. An estate lawyer can draft a plan for these various accounts and establish either a revocable or irrevocable trust to control them. These types of trusts do not require any legal documents to be filed, but if you wish to name your beneficiaries in the event of your disability or death of an estate lawyer can help you do this.

If you have children or other dependents, you may want to consider having an estate lawyer to help you plan ahead. Some of the things you will discuss with your attorney include creating a medical care plan, establishing a trust, and discussing probate. Probate can be one of the most difficult areas of planning and can be particularly stressful for a child or beneficiary who is emotionally attached to your property. If you are unsure about the importance of probate and what it may involve, you may want to have your attorney review the specifics with your children to ensure they are comfortable with the steps you are taking.

It is very important that you select a qualified probate lawyer to handle the affairs of your estate. You may want to look into the experience of a personal representative who has experience working in the area of real estate law. There are also many online resources where you can interview estate lawyers and ask questions. Choosing the right person to handle your affairs will make a big difference in the final results.

When you need help with estate planning documents and you are in dire situations, having a qualified attorney on your side will make a huge difference in the final results. They will work hard to make sure your wishes are fulfilled and can assist you in any way necessary. It is very important that you take the time to find the right person to care for your special needs children and also to make decisions for you when you are no longer able to do so.

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